Eddy-Current Actuation Publications

Journal Articles

  • Nurge, Youngquist, Caracciolo, and Peck, “A thick-walled sphere rotating in a uniform magnetic field: The next step to de-spin a space object,” American Journal of Physics vol. 85, no. 8, May 18, 2017. [PDF]
  • Benjamin Z. Reinhardt and Mason A. Peck.  "New Electromagnetic Actuator for On-Orbit Inspection", Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets, Vol. 53, No. 2 (2016), pp. 241-248. [link]
  • Youngquist, Nurge, Starr, Leve, and Peck, “A slowly rotating hollow sphere in a magnetic field: First steps to de-spin a space object,” American Journal of Physics vol. 84, no. 3, November 12, 2015. [PDF]

Conference Articles

  • Reinhardt and Peck, "A new actuator for on-orbit inspection," 2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Seattle, WA, 2015, pp. 2842-2847. [link]
  • Benjamin Z. Reinhardt, Mason A. Peck, and Brandon Hencey. "Development of an Eddy-Current Actuator Test Bed", AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, 2014 [link]
  • Reinhardt, Hencey, and Peck, “Characterization of Eddy Currents for Space Actuation,” AIAA/AAS Astrodynamics Specialist Conference, Minneapolis, MN, 2011. [PDF]
  • Reinhardt and Peck, “Eddy-Current Space Tug,” AIAA Space 2011, Long Beach, CA, 2011. [PDF]