CMG Rover Research

Currently, there are two main research focuses: path planning and controls. 

Path Planning

We are exploring how to best maneuver the rover through an environment. The polyhedral shape and CMG array add complexities to finding an optimal path. We are looking into ways to more effectively use the movement of the array and the rover's interactions with the ground to create a more optimal path that is more power- and time-efficient.


We are currently trying to create a control system that is robust and efficient, so the rover can navigate topography that is not necessarily known. Additionally, we are working towards creating an optimal trajectory for the rover as it is moving, so that the probability of successfully completing a step is maximized and the array power usage is minimized. Additionally, we are working on innovative ways to condition the array and avoid singularities.


The research is supported by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory through the NSTRF.