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Features To Do List

This is a list of possible features that may make their way into future versions of QuIRK. It is not an exhaustive list, and possible features listed here do not appear in order of priority.

  • Develop a QuIRK GUI
  • Optimize for computational efficiency



  • Implement cylindrical or other joint types
  • Implement joint forces or torques


  • Implement springs with more complex stiffness and damping than scalar values


  • Add sensors to detect conditions on velocity, force, or other body properties
  • Possibly have sensors record values over the course of the solution for later access


  • Change animate to skip over timesteps as necessary so that actual playback speed exactly matches the value of the 'speed' property
  • Include functionality to draw and animate bodies with force, torque, velocity, and momentum vectors on each body
  • Modify 'tidy' to minimize sudden spikes in motion and energy when systems reach problematic configruations


  • 1.4, 10 Oct 11: Bug fixes to joints, made body size more versatile
  • 1.4, 17 Dec 10: Fixed a bug with fixed joints
  • 1.4, 16 Dec 10: Bug fixes to joints and mBodies; added time-limit option to mBody/solve
  • 1.3, 8 Dec 10: Several bug fixes; custom joint types; added virtual work and virtual displacement functions; various optimizations and fixes to plotting tools, momentum calculation, etc
  • 1.2, 15 Oct 10: Updates to mBody.m to fix some state errors in certain conditions
  • 1.0, 30 Jul 10: First release



  • Joseph Shoer

Download QuIRK

Requires MATLAB 2009 or later